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Nick Avgerinos

Where Can You Turn When Workers’ Compensation is not Enough?

If you are injured on the job, there is a section in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act called the Exclusive Remedy Provision. It provides that there is no common law or statutory right to…

Nick Avgerinos

Stay in Touch with the Cell Phone / Cancer Debate: 5 Tips to Limit Your Risk

With cell phones pressed to our ears, clipped to our belts, and putting email at our fingertips, it’s becoming hard to imagine life without them. And with our busy schedules, we don’t often take…

Nick Avgerinos

Grown-Up Gaming: More than a “Wii” Personal Injury Liability

Most parents lament the passage of bygone days where kids played freeze tag and rode bikes till dusk in the summer; nowadays, there’s more inside play, focused around television, video games, and…

Nick Avgerinos

Fun on the Fourth: 10 Tips for Fireworks Safety

It’s that time of the year again: long weekends, barbeques, and—you guessed it—fireworks! And while we all enjoy a little Fourth of July fun, it’s important to be careful, too. As pointed out…