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Nick Avgerinos
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Fewer Workplace Deaths in 2007

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It was encouraging news for workers and companies as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently announced that in 2007, fewer workers were injured on the job. The AP reports that the number of workers killed on the job annually dropped to a historic low in 2007.

While the news of overall fatalities is a positive development, it was unfortunately the case that some areas of labor actually had increased worker deaths. These increases were most dramatic in the record number of workers who died from falls and with respect to the rate of homicides which saw an increase of 13%.

However, across the board, it seems that our nation’s workplaces are getting safer. Both the number of workplace deaths and the rate of fatal injuries were the lowest rates ever reported since such a census began in 1992. Labor secretary Elaine Chao attributes the lower rates as “evidence that the initiatives and programs to protect workers’ safety and health, designed by and implemented in this administration, are indeed working.” (For information about initiatives and programs, see the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) website.)

To see the BLS report on workplace deaths, follow this link.